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The Los Angeles Kiss (stylized as LA KISS) were a professional arena football team based in Anaheim, California, and members of the Arena Football League (AFL). The Kiss joined the AFL as an expansion team after Los Angeles' previous franchise (Los Angeles Avengers) did not return as a part of Arena Football 1. The team's ownership was a group of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, members of rock band Kiss, as well as their manager Doc McGhee. The team played its home games at the Honda Center in nearby Anaheim, which they shared with the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League. The team was featured in the AMC series 4th and Loud.

An angry fan shared his bad experience in a review " The Los Angeles Kiss was supposed to have a home playoff game coming up. However, the arena already was booked for the weekend of that game so they decided to host their "home" playoff game in SAN DIEGO (over 2 hours away from their real home arena). We've had our season tickets for all three years and wont be able to make the game in SD. We have had issues with renewing our tickets for the upcoming season already, but decided to go ahead and do it at the last home game. Now with this news of having to miss a playoff game that we waited three years for we decided that along with the other customer service issues we experienced this season that we no longer want the season tickets. I called to cancel my tickets and get a refund to my credit card and Chris (?) informed me that there are no refunds. This is how this organization treats fans people. Keep in mind that we only needed to put a deposit on the season tickets but decided to go ahead and pay the full balance at the time and now they are trying to keep that full payment when we no longer want the season tickets a week later. Shady business piled on top of a really poorly run league."


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